Maple Ridge Chorus 2019-2020

The Maple Ridge Choral Society will launch its 2019 fall season on Tuesday, September 3 at St. Paul’s Church, 12145 Laity Street, Maple Ridge.

Anyone age 17 or over who is interested in joining the choir is welcome to attend the first rehearsal and take part.

Choral Society dues for 2018-2019 are $125.00, or $100.00 for seniors, plus a $5.00 annual membership fee and a $10.00 music fee. There is a special student rate of $50.00 for full-time students in a provincial recognized program of study.

Rehearsals will be held each Tuesday until the 2019 Christmas concert, which is scheduled for Sunday, December 8.

For more information, contact Melissa Pratas at 604-329-0526, or send an email to